A FASHIONISTA with a talent for corsetry has created a Grayson Perry styled ensemble for a global competition.

Kirsty Mitchell, 32, spent a month making a corset inspired by a striking house in Wrabness designed by Essex artist Grayson Perry.

The mum-of-two lives in Wrabness where she creates pieces of clothing and does alterations from her home studio - but her real interest is in corsetry.

Kirsty entered the Foundation Revealed Contest 2019 which is a corset making competition with the theme of architecture.

She said: "I've been really interested in corsetry for years.

"This year's competition theme is architecture and I thought of the Grayson Perry house around the corner from me to create a corset."

The creation, based on the deep green tiles and chequered walls on the house, took Kirsty all of January to make.

Kirsty said: "Just drawing on the visual elements of the house, there is a wonderful colour palette which I interpreted quite literally in the deep olive green and ivory tiles, burgundy highlights from the doors and window frames and then I traded the gold for bright yellow as this is a key colour inside.

"Having made this corset eight months after giving birth to my second child, I felt that it was relatable to me, using it to manipulate my shape, coming to terms with the changes in my body and learning to love what it had done."

There are about 60 entries for the competition from across the globe including Kirsty's.

Before Kirsty entered her corset in the competition she said posing in it was nerve inducing.

She said: "It took me a lot of confidence to get out there for a photoshoot in my design.

"Debbie Burrows the photographer helped boost my confidence though and I felt an adrenaline rush afterwards.

"It was very cold and about minus two degrees when the pictures were taken."

Public voting for the competition opens on March 1.

To vote or find out more about the competition visit foundationsrevealed.com/competition.