DANGLING from the ceiling attached to a bungee cord is not how I usually start my day.

But as the aerial bungee craze sweeps its way into Tendring, I wanted to try out the fitness class which was described by the teacher as “Pilates on steroids”.

Harwich couple Bridie and Gary Stanford invited me to put my core strength to the test for their class held at Frinton Tennis Club on Tuesday.

It is the first aerial bungee class in Tendring and will be based at the Frinton venue.

Called Grounded Aerial and founded by world-renowned dancer and choreographer Karen Furhman from New York, the classes allow you to swing in the air, jump great heights, and levitate using your core strength.

For Tuesday morning’s class five women of different ages took part - and none of them had tried aerial bungee fitness before.

After a briefing from Karen, we were strapped into our safety harnesses and linked up to a bungee cord dangling from the ceiling.

Without hesitation we soon had to trust our bodies and sit into the harness in a lotus position where we were floating above the floor with our legs crossed.

The next move was the starfish position where we had to lie on our backs in the air while stretching our limbs out like a star.

To balance and hold the position you had to engage with your core muscles while not forgetting to take deep breaths.

A mix of relaxing and upbeat music was then added to the mix and we were taught different jumps, dives, and poses.

Karen, who ran Tuesday morning’s class, said she’s being doing bungee fitness for the past 20 years and has taught the skill in a number of countries, including Thailand, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

She said: “I make it look pretty and easy, but it is hard work and a full body workout.

“All the work comes from your core strength and the main muscle group we are focusing on is the abdomen.

“Everything radiates from there with this sort of exercise.

“The classes are like Pilates on steroids.”

The class I took part in lasted an hour and 15 minutes, which gave everyone enough time to get comfortable with their equipment, learn to master a range of moves and carry out a short bungee routine as a group to music.

For more details and to book, visit gbfitnessnutrition or call Bridie on 07403316735.

Extra information on Karen can be found on groundedaerial.com.