COSTUMED protestors will march two miles from one library to another to voice their opposition to council cuts.

The campaigners plan to set off from Prettygate Library, Colchester, and make their way to Colchester town centre library on Saturday.

The march is aimed at demonstrating how far people could be forced to travel to borrow books if they cannot use Prettygate library - one of 24 Essex libraries earmarked for closure.

Some of the dozens of expected protestors will be dressed in costumes to depict their favourite storybook characters.

The action has been organised by 38 Degrees, a national campaign group.

Campaigner David Innes said: “We will have a big three-metre long banner at the front of the group.

“We are going to have balloons, leaflets advertising our petition and we are going to ask shops and cafés if they will be happy to

have our leaflets on their counter tops.

“We will have 38 Degrees’ big, bright orange T-shirts which people attending can wear if they wish and we are encouraging people to dress up as well.

“Hopefully we will have people dressed up as their favourite book character.”

Headteachers, their schools and councillors have also been invited to attend the march, which sets off at 11am.

It is estimated the group will arrive at Colchester library around 45 minutes later where they will gather outside to share with passers-by why Prettygate library is so important to them.

Essex County Council wants to shut a third of its libraries while it hopes volunteers will run others, in a bid to save £2 million.

Colchester Library is not earmarked for closure.

An online consultation into the proposed closures ends next Thursday.

Mr Innes said it was still important people’s voices were heard.

He said: “Libraries are the beating heart of any community.

“They teach children to love reading, allow people to write their CVs and provide internet access and other services to people who need them.

“The 9,782 people who have signed our petition are sending a clear message to Essex County Council - they seriously need to rethink their plans and keep Essex libraries open.

“Saturday’s event will show the council just how much libraries mean to people and will show the inconvenience people will face if the plans go ahead.”

The march will also be streamed live from 38 Degrees’ Facebook page to try to reach a wider audience.

Last month Prettygate residents staged a Saturday book raid at the library.

The 38 Degrees petition is at

Essex County Council’s consultation can be found at or call 0345 603 7639.