A distressed mum says education bosses have failed her son after failing to find a school place for him when they moved to the county for a better life.

Noah Smith, 11, was diagnosed with autism and ADHD after a “gruelling” seven years of appointments, reports, psychiatrists, therapy and school exclusions.

Due to the severity of his conditions, Noah requires one-to-one help at school and needs a place which can cater for his complex needs.

Mum Shelley Taylor, 39, moved with her son and daughter Yvie, nine, to Sible Hedingham from Gloucestershire in March 2018 to be closer to family for support following Noah’s diagnosis.

Before moving, Essex County Council told the single mother that they were unable to start looking for a suitable school for Noah until she could prove they lived in Essex.

Since moving to Sible Hedingham last year, the council has been unable to find Noah a place in a suitable school.

Shelley has now been told they live too far away from any schools suitable for Noah.

She said: “I’ve lost complete trust in the council – they have failed him.

“They are now revisiting sending him to a mainstream school regardless of the fact it is highlighted in reports that a mainstream school is unsuitable.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “We are sorry for the delay in finding an appropriate school place for this pupil and acknowledge the family’s distress at this time.

“When the family moved to Essex in March 2018 the child was in their last year of primary school so a number of primary schools were consulted about a school place, however none felt that they could meet the special educational needs of this pupil.

“As the child was due to begin secondary school in September we also consulted with a mainstream high school and two special schools – again it was felt they couldn’t meet the pupil’s individual, specialist needs.

“We are now in consultation with a specialist provision regarding a school place but have also commissioned an external tuition service to provide education until an appropriate long term placement is secured.”

Shelley is now trying to raise a £4,500 fighting fund in case they are forced to move again to be near a suitable school for Noah.

The money would help cover relocation, upfront rental costs and temporary accommodation until the family find what Shelley calls their “forever home”.

The fundraising page is at gofundme.com/relocation-for-sen-educational-provision.