A MUM who overcame a brain tumour is on a personal mission trekking across the Sahara Desert.

Kate Baker, was taken to Queen’s Hospital in Romford after she was diagnosed with the tumour in December 2016.

Miss Baker had suffered several weeks of migraines and sickness with no idea of what caused it.

She does not remember much of what happened but said she fell unconscious at home and was taken to Colchester Hospital where a CAT scan revealed the mass in her brain.

Kate was blue lighted down the A12 to Queen’s Hospital in the peak of the morning rush hour and spent six days in the care of staff - on the Sahara B ward.

Kate underwent two major operations, the first to insert a drain into her head to drain out the fluid which had built up in her brain.


Two days later, surgeons removed the benign tumour completely.

Ever since Kate has vowed to show her appreciation by fundraising for Queens Hospital, as well as raising awareness of brain tumours.

Next week, she will set off on a trek across the Sahara Desert for the Brain Tumour Charity.

She said: “Since coming face-to-face with this horrific witch of a disease I’ve gone on to meet a number of people unfortunately in the same boat.

“So I’m going to schlep the Sahara Desert over six days in honour, respect and in memory of all of us who have been tarnished by this condition in some way including those who dedicate their precious time to care for us in the labs, theatres and wards to ensure we can enjoy ours with our loved ones.

“If you are wondering why I have chosen to spend six days in the Sahara, it’s because those six days on Sahara B in Queen’s Hospital saved my life and my reason why everything is possible.”

So far she has raised more than £1,700 for the charity.

Kate, from Colchester, said she was excited for the challenge - but also a little nervous.

She said: “I range from really excited to extremely anxious very quickly but I always remember that’s the nature of the challenge, and reminiscent of the week I spent on Sahara B.

“Naturally I’ve been training in the gym and walking and running.

“The real preparation is getting into the mindset to actually spend those days out of my comfort zone away from my creature comforts.

“I think I’m prepared, I’m hoping I am but my son tells me regularly he’s proud ‘with’ me that it’s important to save people like Sahara B do, and that’s all the prep I need.”

To donate to Kate’s fundraising appeal visit justgiving.com/fundraising/saharabtothesaharadesert.