ENVIRONMENTAL Health officers will investigate complaints about light pollution caused by Essex University’s sports pitches.

Complaints have been made by people living in the Old Heath and Rowhedge areas of Colchester.

They say floodlights from the university can been seen in Rowhedge, a distance of about three miles.

Residents have also complained about the effect of the night time lighting on the ecosystem.

They have expressed their concerns to ward councillor Lee Scordis.

Mr Scordis (Lab) said: “My biggest concern about this is not just the light pollution but also the effect this is having on the wildlife.

“This light shines on Hythe Lagoons, which is a protected wildlife area and an area of scientific interest.

“This has been reported to Environmental Health which is investigating.

“Essex University has always worked well with Colchester Council in the past around issues like this so I am hoping this can be resolved as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Colchester Council confirmed Environmental Health officers will investigate the complaint. He said: “We are aware of the recent light pollution incidents, which we believe may have been caused by floodlit pitches on the campus.

“We will contact Essex University and try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.”

Mr Scordis was told by Environmental Health the team visited the university to monitor the light situation.

He said he was told the visits were carried out after 10pm and the floodlights were not on during these visits and there were no excessive light sources found at the site.

He said he was also told the floodlights are used for the sports pitches and the “tennis bubble” over winter.

The bubble does reflect the light and can cause a haze, particularly in foggy weather.

The university has been told to be vigilant in making sure the lights are turned off after 10pm.

A university spokesman said: “We will look into the issues being raised.”