BURGLARS left their victim's dog terrified while they stole sentimental jewellery given to her by her late husband.

Victim Melanie Moore said the crooks shut her dog in the utility room while they raided her Layer-de-la-Haye home on Monday afternoon.

She returned from seeing a friend at 5.15pm to discover the mess and that items stolen included her valuable engagement ring with five diamonds in it.

Mrs Moore, 55, said: “The bottom of the back door which is glass had been smashed and the dog was trapped in the utility room.

“I realised they had been and had pretty much gone through the whole house.

"Fortunately they didn’t take much apart from jewellery from the master bedroom."

Mrs Moore discovered drawers opened in her master bedroom which had contained jewellery.


Items taken included a watch given to her by her late husband, the engagement ring from him, a gold watch that was a 21st birthday present, her Christening bangle and pearls that were a work leaving gift.

Police forensics visited her home in High Road the next morning and found a perpetrator’s footprint but enquiries continue.

Mrs Moore said: “I am angry at myself for not hiding things better but I am angry with him, her, them, whoever, for coming into my house and going through my possessions, taking things that are sentimental and some things that are quite valuable.”

13-year-old dog Molly has also been left distressed but was not visibly hurt.

Mrs Moore added: “I don’t know what they did with the dog but she has been quite withdrawn so they must have frightened her.”

Anyone with the information about the burglary, which happened between 2.05pm and 5.15pm on Monday February 4, is urged to contact Colchester Police on 101.