BAILIFFS raided a popular bar and restaurant in Colchester forcing it to close temporarily.

Boadicea, in Haven Road, King Edwards Quay, was visited by operatives from Dukes Bailiffs Limited on Wednesday.

Items including the till, sound decks and tables have been removed from the premises in preparation for sale at auction.

Josh Campbell-Broome, managing director of Boadicea Bar and Restaurant, said the business would be up and running again soon.

"We are not closing permanently, it is related to an ongoing dispute we have been involved in," he said.

"The situation is currently being dealt with by our lawyers.

"We are taking advice from them on the situation and both parties are looking to resolve the problems.

"We have been working to get things resolved for some time."

Mr Campbell-Broome said he could not give an exact date for when the business would reopen and would not reveal the details of the dispute which the company was involved in.

One resident contacted the Gazette to say customers had not been notified of the temporary closure.

He said: "My friend had a table booked for Friday night and they had not told her about the restaurant closing.

"Their customers need to be made aware and they should be contacting them to let them know."

Boadicea opened to the public in October 2016 to much fanfare after an impressive £500,000 refit of the premises.

Serving British food and offering guests a large selection of cocktails, the business has become popular with both university students and residents of the town.