A COUNCILLOR has criticised a set of “self-congratulatory” billboards which were funded at tax-payers expense.

Castle ward councillor Darius Laws (Con) has raised concerns over a selection of adverts seen around the town promoting Colchester Council’s Better Colchester campaign.

At a meeting of Colchester Council’s cabinet, councillors announced the campaign is set to receive another £150,000 next financial year.

Mr Laws said:“I understand the need for any authority to communicate with the electorate, that makes sense to me.

“But I cannot understand seeing the billboards saying for example sport and health for all.

“I do not really get what the message is there and it did irk me a little bit to see the billboard which says cleaner streets which feels a bit congratulatory.”

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Council leader Mark Cory said the Better Colchester campaign was an important part of the council’s strategy to improve civic pride in the town.

He said: “Our Better Colchester campaign is a much wider scheme than just these billboards.

“There is a lot more behind the campaign and I think we do need to bring that out, so when you follow the links on these billboards you find more information.”

Better Colchester is a £2 million two year investment campaign aimed at making the town a better place to live, work and visit.