Three new baby bush dogs have been born at Colchester Zoo.

The zoo has announced the arrivals and said the pups, which are all boys, are settling in well.

The zoo said: “The pups are doing extremely well and dad Nico has been very attentive helping mum Nina look after the growing family."

The babies will continue to keep close to their mum inside the den until they are strong enough to go outside and will not be seen by the public until then.

However the rest of the family can be seen spending time in the outdoor area of their den.

The zoo added: "As they continue to grow the trio have now started to explore their outdoor area with the rest of the family and are being shown the ropes by older sibling’s Oakley, Ozara and Octavia.

"Oakley in particular has been very attentive bringing the pups extra bark and leftover enrichment such as boxes and paper.

"Our keepers are currently thinking of names for our new litter, and they have agreed that all three will begin with the letter ‘P’ continuing the alphabet from their parents and older siblings’ names."

Bush dogs have short hair and a short bushy tail with webbed feet. They are only found in Central and South America and were once thought to be extinct.

The latest editions to the family of five were born in early December.