IT is literally a road to nowhere.

Cul-de-sac Destination Drive is one of the newest streets to be named in Colchester, alongside the equally quirky Inspiration Avenue and Culture Close.

Colchester Council, which chose the names, revealed the roads were almost named after the town’s top football players.

But the idea was given the boot after it decided “it was difficult to decide who to pick and who not to pick”.


Instead, the council has taken inspiration from the council’s forthcoming Northern Gateway sports complex being created about a mile away, by the U’s stadium.

The complex is set to include sports facilities, homes and commercial space, with a planning application expected next month.

Destination Drive splits with each section leading to two dead ends.

The road, along with Inspiration Avenue and Culture Close, off Axial Way, in Mile End, contains 88 homes built by developer Persimmon.

A Colchester Council spokesman said the road names were chosen to reflect “the aspirations” of the Northern Gateway.


Involved in the naming process were council officers, developers and councillors.

The spokesman added: “We initially thought about using former Colchester United football players, but as there were only three new roads to name, it was difficult to decide who to pick and who not to pick.”

Martin Goss, Colchester councillor for Mile End ward, was not directly involved in naming the new streets but said: “I can see where the theme is coming from and nobody has complained about the road names.

“It could have been named after U’s players, of course, not everybody follows Colchester United and there might have been an issue with that. Whatever you do in life, you can’t please everyone.”

A number of Colchester road names have drawn attention in the past.

In 2009, Stalin Road was the subject of a poll led by the then MP for Colchester, Sir Bob Russell after it was felt the name should be changed from that of a Russian dictator.

But a residents’ poll found the name, given in 1948, should stay.

In 2012, streets off Mill Road were named Flame Way, Podium Close and Courage Drive in honour of that year’s London Olympics.

It caused upset on Myland Community Council who said the streets, built on part of the former Severalls Hospital site, should have more local connections.

Other recently named quirky streets include Damson Close, Raspberry Fields, Apricot Mews and Greengage Close in Tiptree, named after its world famous factory’s jams and preserves.

Cheetah Chase, Lemur Lane, Giraffe Row, Flamingo Crescent, Wombat Street, Penguin Parade, Red Panda Road and Komodo Drive are in honour of Colchester Zoo.

Council policy is roads can only be named after people who have died.

Recent road names in honour of late figureheads include former mayors Martin Hunt Drive, Peter Crowe Approach and Christopher Garnett Chase.