COLCHESTER’S MP was ticked off by the speaker of the House of Commons for being distracted by his mobile phone.

Conservative Will Quince was poised to ask a question about Home Office funding to help tackle the exploitation of youths by gangs in Essex.

But Speaker John Bercow caught him unawares when the topic cropped up sooner than Mr Quince expected.

Mr Bercow said: “The Hon Member for Colchester (Will Quince) was focused intently upon his electronic device, and I am sure he found it thoroughly captivating but I gently point out to him that he has a question that is not unadjacent to that with which we are dealing now, and that he might care to shoehorn his inquiry into the present.”

Mr Quince replied to give the question number but was embarrassed further by Mr Bercow who replied: “No. What I mean is blurt it out now, man!”

Mr Quince went onto ask his question - to clarify Essex has been awarded £664,000 from the Home Office.

He asked if for the Home Secretary to keep the situation under review, while ensuring police have the resources available.