A LITTLE girl in need of a liver transplant is looking forward to starting pre-school.

Isabella-Faith Wragg has chronic liver disease.

The three-year-old is on the list for a liver transplant but in the meantime she is facing health risks.

Her mum Rachel Gledhill, from Colchester, said she was due to start at the St John’s Green pre-school earlier this month but as there was a bout of Chicken Pox at the school she could not attend.

Rachel said: “It’s dangerous for Isabella to be around them. Even though she’s had the Chicken Pox vaccine she’s still susceptible to them as her immune system is really weak.

“She will have to stay away until they have completely gone.”

There is still no news on Isabella’s transplant for which she has been waiting for seven months.

Rachel said she has just two years to find a donor for her daughter.

Isabella was showing signs of illness before she was born, but her condition has got worse since November 2017 and the need for a transplant is becoming critical.

Isabella has become easily susceptible to many conditions and has been in and out of hospital over the past few months.

Rachel added: “Izzy had the flu vaccine in November and was rushed to hospital with pneumonia. It was caused by the vaccine so she was quite poorly and on antibiotics.

“On December 14 she was admitted to Kings Hospital in London for four days whilst she had her four top front teeth extracted.

“With all the acid reflux she gets, it melted her teeth together.

“She recovered well then developed a chest infection on Christmas Day, and two days after was put on more antibiotics.”

Rachel has been in touch with Colchester MP Will Quince about organ donation and how people who are not related to Isabella should still be able to be assessed to be a live donor.

At the moment, only family members are eligible but no-one is a suitable match.

When she is old enough, Isabella will hopefully start at St John’s Green Primary School with her older siblings.