THIEVES racked up a hundred pound restaurant bill and intimidated a member of staff before making off without paying.

The group arrived at the Bungalow Diner in London Road, Marks Tey, and munched on chicken wings, half a dozen pizzas, Cajun chicken and burritos before making their excuses about who would pay their bill.

They also sunk bottles of Kopparberg cider and milkshakes at the popular American themed venue.

Restaurant owner Mash Rahman said the group began acting unusually as soon as they arrived.

He said: "They asked for a table of five and my staff member allowed them to sit down.

"They made it clear straight away they were hungry and asked if they could have chicken wings so they must have known what sort of food we have.

"It is usually table service but they came to the counter and wanted to try a Kopparberg.

"They just sat there for five or ten minutes and then they ordered all the food and more drinks.

"The waitress then asked them if they wanted dessert but they said all they needed was boxes for their pizza.

"Usually we would box it for them but they insisted they wanted to do it themselves."

When it came to pay, one man headed to the toilet while another went outside for a cigarette.

As others started to leave, one member of the party came up to the counter and began brazenly eating chocolate bars before he headed for the car park as well.

She then saw a black car was already on the move and the group had gone.

Mr Rahman said losing any money was a blow, especially for a small independent business.

"This month is a quiet one - it is for everyone," he said.

"Nothing like this has happened before and it is a real shame."

Manager Aarune Kataria added: "Companies like Toby Carvery can take losses like this but not small restaurants like us.

"People see an opportunity and take what they can get.

"They were clearly trying to intimidate the girl who was working by herself."

Bosses say they are considering asking for payment before food arrives at quiet times to try and stop another incident occurring.


CCTV of the group have been posted on social media and loyal customers have shared it thousands of times.

Mr Rahman: "Seeing that makes me feel like we are a strong community.

"We feel like we have a really good backing from people in Marks Tey.

"It is a small place, lots of people know each other and we want each other to succeed."

Anyone who recognises any of them should contact the Bungalow Diner.

The incident happened last Monday night.