GIVING children a head start is what Sounds Right Phonics does best.

When former primary school teacher Aimee Spalding bought the Colchester franchise, she did so wanting more time to spend with five-month-old daughter Poppy.

And when Poppy is old enough, there is a place for her at one of the classes geared towards youngsters aged between one and four.

The phonics classes are designed to hone sound recognition while developing a child’s motor skills, ability to follow instructions, social skills and bonding with parents or carers.

Aimee, 34, said: “There’s lots of parent-and-child classes around but the difference here is the educational element.

“I don’t want parents to think coming to our phonics class is like going to school because it’s completely different.

“We focus on a different letter sound each week with lots of object association, singing, dancing and playing games so the child engages with the sound, and they leave the class having remembered it.”

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