EIGHT focus groups have been set up to help improve the attractiveness and cleanliness of the town centre.

Our Colchester is the group behind the Business Improvement District plans which were launched in October.

A five-year business plan has been created in an attempt to reinvigorate Colchester town centre.

The BID team has been listening to the town’s businesses for ideas.

Peter Scopes, chairman and manager at Lion Walk shopping centre, said: “After an overwhelming vote in support of a Business Improvement District, we are now on the road to realising the dream of a brighter future for Colchester.

“The impact of the BID will not only be felt in the BID area, but also throughout Colchester as improving the BID area will result in a positive experience for those that live,

work and relax in this, one of the culturally richest town centres in the country.”

The BID organisation is formed of three groups - the board of directors, advisory group and operations team.

Running alongside them, eight focus groups have been established, they are:

  • cleaning
  • Colchester in Bloom
  • empty shops
  • marketing
  • night time economy
  • independent businesses
  • transport
  • pavements and signage.

The final two, transport and pavements, will be introduced in the second and third years of the plan.

Each of the focus groups are chaired by an advisory group or board member, but no further plans within these

focus groups have been made at this time.

A monthly Bid Zone News newsletter will be emailed to BID members and will offer the latest updates and information.

Street ambassadors are in the process of introducing themselves to businesses, recognisable in their burgundy uniforms, and will answer questions and offer support.

If you are a business in the BID zone wishing to keep up to date, join a focus group by emailing hello@ourcolchester.co.uk.