ONLINE bookings and alcoholic Slushies are going down a treat at a popular leisure venue.

Andy Starr stepped down as managing director of Rollerworld in Colchester in November, passing the skates on to Extreme Sports company - Demon Xtreme.

Jason and Anne Khan, of Demon Xtreme, promised a list of upgrades at the unique roller skating venue at Moorside Business Park in Colchester and they have already delivered many of them.

Changes include a more comfortable seating area, a vegan and vegetarian cafe menu, a new shop and website.

Anne Khan said there were also plans to introduce more sports next month.

She said: “We have added sofas upstairs in the bar, and we now serve alcoholic Slushies and healthy food options.

“We have started up a corporate Quasar event which will take place on a Wednesday in February, it’s a networking event for businesses.

“We have also started an after school club on a Thursday - it’s much more chilled and is suitable for children with autism and disabilities.”

Speed skating and roller derby will be added to the list next month, as well as inline freestyle skating and aerobics on skates.

Live bands will also be performing regularly at the venue.

The Khans have applied for grant funding for further upgrades.

Anne said: “We want to get air conditioning installed and a mezzanine floor for spectators.

“We also want a conference room and training room so we can teach people how to be coaches.

“We want this to be the centre for roller skating, we want other clubs in the area to come and use our facilities.”

There is also now an option for families to book online, which is proving very popular.

Anne added: “It has all been very positive, it has been a lot of hard work but it has been really good.”

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