In October last year, Essex County Council made available a leaflet "Where to catch your bus in Colchester".

There is a very small inadequate map, printed in yellow and green (when enlarged and in black and white it is readable).

Five points:- 1.Great diligence and study of said leaflet is needed by passengers, so when in January this year, buses pass and leave us as we stand at the correct stop with an arm outstretched, it is very distressing.

Even more so when drivers say "there is some confusion over stops". There is no confusion. The timetable in the frame indicates which buses (should ) stop there and the leaflet is explicit.

2. As other letter writers have said, the new so-called information on bus stop flags instead of the service number is not at all helpful.

3. Telephoning the correct complaints office seems to get us nowhere.

4. I was told the bus office clerks were not there to give information. What? An official office near the bus station and nobody to help? But the clerks are as helpful as they can be.

5. Among the many other difficulties to passengers' travel is the absence of a bus to Lexden/Stanway/Chelmsford from the busy shopping centre in St John's Street.

To whom can we turn to get a bus service to transport us and help the environment?

I and many others to whom I talk have sore heads because of hitting brick walls.

We also have sad hearts that Colchester 's public transport is not improving.

Elizabeth Trellis

High Street, Rowhedge