THE brother of a man who died after suffering more than 70 separate injuries in a horrifying attack described his killing as “cruel, cowardly and senseless.”

David Dines said he and his family had been left devastated after his brother Martin was killed in St Mary’s Car Park by Kennedy, Miller and Hartley.

Bravely speaking at Ipswich Crown Court, he said: “My brother Martin was an intelligent, friendly, kind man who had lots of friends and was loved my many.

“He was unfortunately an alcoholic – an addiction he battled through his adult life for the most part successfully.

“He was an unbelievably stubborn man who felt ashamed about his alcoholism and never accepted any help.”

Mr Dines said it was his brother’s alcoholism which meant he ended up living on the streets.

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He added his family had been left horrified by what had happened describing how his mother Mary had lost her first born son and was still suffering recurring nightmares.

Mr Dines said his mother had a broken heart which would never be healed.

“The devastating news of the cruel, cowardly and senseless killing will live with us for the rest of our lives,” he said.

“His father Brian was still grieving but came to court everyday and having to listen to all of the things that have happened.

“So many people will miss Martin – at his funeral there was standing room only.

“He was a good man who would never harm anyone which makes this so unfair.

“All we want as a family is for Martin to get the justice he deserves.”

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