PARAMEDICS were called to help a litter picker who fell unconscious while she was helping to clean up her community.

Labour councillors Dave Harris and Chris Pearson were leading the litter pick in the Queen Mary Avenue and King George Road estate in Colchester when the woman fell ill.

The woman collapsed at about 10.30am on Saturday.

Mr Harris said: “It was in King George Road, she was one of the residents who had come out to help us with the litter pick.

“She was just picking up litter and all of a sudden she went blue and fell over, luckily she fell on a grass verge.

“Chris put her in the recovery position while I called the ambulance. I have got her a get well soon card.

“It was a terrible thing to happen to such a nice lady.”

Mr Harris praised the ambulance team for their fast response.

He said: “Chris and I called an ambulance as the resident’s breathing was very shallow.

“The ambulance was there in nine minutes and we were so impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the NHS staff.

“We are hoping our colleague recovers quickly especially as she was doing such a great job on community work.”

Mr Harris went to visit the kind-hearted litter picker on Monday.

He said she believes she had suffered a seizure due to some medication she had taken.

She was taken to hospital but is now home and well and still wants to be involved in the community and take part in future litter picks.

Residents who helped in the litter pick to clean up the area managed to collected seven bags of litter.