A PARISH council chairman has resigned so he can create his own plan for Tiptree’s future.

Steve Bays stepped down from Tiptree Parish Council “with regret” amid growing concerns about the long-term strategy for development and relieving traffic on Church Road.

In a statement shared online, he wrote: “In order not to undermine the huge amount of work already done by the working party I intend to create a second option for the council to consider, and I cannot do this as chairman.

“This is an enormous task, but I feel it’s important and worth a try.”

The former councillor said he did not believe other suggestions for development had been debated among the council’s Neighbourhood Plan working party.

In the end, his opposition to the preferred routes were strong enough to “not want his name associated with what was been proposed”.

He said: “Church Road is a main through-route from Mersea to the A12, Tolleshunt Knights and Tolleshunt D’Arcy, and is a very busy road.

“In future years, it’s only going to get busier.

“My preferred route is shorter and more viable. The route that goes the other way will ultimately open us up to a mega amount of more housing.”


A route map revealed to resident via public consultation

A public meeting at Tiptree United Reformed Church today, at 7pm, will be an opportunity for Mr Bays to formulate a plan with other residents.

Before resigning he had already begun to table a motion for the full council to consider an alternative at its meeting next Monday.

He said: “I don’t think the working party are fully aware of what the implications of the draft plan are, even though they’ve been working on it.

“This has been a dilemma because whichever way you look at it, I will have people who don’t want the status quo rocked or don’t want the route to be in their area.

“But when I joined the council and helped set up the neighbourhood plan, I did it for the good of the village - that’s why I’m sticking my neck out.

“If I could do it another way, I would have.

“But when I realised the draft plan was going to the council on the 14th, I felt I needed to do something very quickly.”

Mr Bays’ replacement on the council has not been confirmed.