A COUPLE are calling for answers after they paid £200,000 for a new flat which has become plagued by thick black mould.

Samantha Cane and partner Ashley Green moved into their first home together with baby Molly last summer.

But Samantha said problems started on the day they moved into the two-bed flat in Peter Crowe Approach, Stanway.

She said developer Persimmon has failed to do enough to rectify the situation.

The Sainsbury’s worker said among the problems was the discovery of mould in November.

“My partner was changing our bed sheets and pulled the bed out and discovered the mould. By this point it was black and thick and had probably been there a while.”


Samantha, 28, said they discovered more mould on the window ledge of their 14-month-old daughter’s room, as well as on French doors.

“We have had four different site managers. The latest one came over and blamed it on us and said it was the ventilation. I said ‘How is that when my partner has the window open every night’?

“On December 10 the handyman came round to remove it but we have emailed customer care as it has come back already.

“We’re worried about the mould spores on Molly’s lungs and her breathing.”

Samantha said the day they moved in the carpet fitters they had booked were unable to work because concrete floors in the flat were “lumpy”.

“Eventually a gentleman with a vacuum cleaner and a lady with a scraper and water chiselled the cement up.

She said the front door doesn’t shut without them forcing it even though it is a fire door.

She claimed some radiators were not secured properly either.

Samantha added: “We expected it to be top notch because we spent top money on it. We’re upset and frustrated.We both feel let down.” We wish we had never bought it off them and had done our research beforehand. We are going to stay here for another five years and grin and bear it, then sell up.”

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes said: “We are aware of the residents’ concerns and our customer care team will continue to liaise directly with them.”