FEARS have been raised that reckless bike yobs are putting their lives at risk by 'playing chicken' with cars at supermarket car parks.

Clacton MP Giles Watling has written to schools about the issue, which has returned following a police clampdown on dangerous cycling by youths last year.

Shoppers at Waterglade Retail Park in Old Road, Clacton, reported a group of up to eight youth, aged about 13 to 15, performing wheelies at oncoming traffic on Friday at about 1pm.

Other shoppers reported similar behaviour outside B&Q at Brook Retail Park.

Writing a message directed at the boys' parents on social media, one shopper said: “To the parents of the little darlings riding round Morrison’s on their bikes: You’re lucky that your sons aren’t under the wheels of my car.

“Luckily, I know where my brakes are.

“They have no respect for drivers, completely terrorising the car park.

“I could have hit more than one boy today, cycling the wrong way, heading straight for the cars.

“I feel sorry for the older drivers as they could panic and cause an accident.”

Another driver reported that a youngster purposely went in front of her car to make her swerve.

Clacton MP Giles Watling called for schools to remind pupils about the importance of road safety.


He said: “During a recent surgery, I met with Darin Starling who is extremely concerned about young people riding their bikes without lights and cycling dangerously.

“He informed me that he has seen a number of young cyclists riding carelessly and without lights.

“Darin is concerned that it is only a matter of time until there is a serious accident.

“It is vital that cyclists have lights on their bikes, particularly in the winter months, with it becoming darker much earlier in the afternoon.

“I have written to all schools locally asking headteachers to remind pupils about the dangers of riding a bike without lights.

“I also understand that there are examples of youngsters ‘playing chicken’ with cars around the Waterglade Retail Park, this clearly could lead to serious injury or even death and is very disturbing for drivers.

“The message needs to be got about sensible cycling in Clacton.”

Last year a teenage bike yob was slapped with an acceptable behaviour contract after cheekily performing a wheelie in front of officers.

Following that and a series of incidents, the community policing team launched an initiative to clampdown on dangerous and reckless cycling by youths.