NUISANCE drivers have been reported to the police after being accused of purposely knocking over rubbish and recycling boxes.

Residents in Shrub End have been urged to be vigilant since reports were made to councillor Vic Flores.

Mr Flores helped clean up rubbish strewn over Walnut Tree Way and Eldret Avenue at the weekend following incidents involving cars.

He said: “I’ve also got anecdotal evidence suggesting there’s guys doing doughnuts and other manoeuvres.

“The person who reported it to me thought the sound he could hear at about 2am was a car with a flat tyre.

“The dragging sound he heard must’ve been a rubbish sack or something similar underneath the wheels.

“The matter has been reported to 101 but I’m absolutely appalled people have such little respect for the area.

“They need to have a word with themselves.

“I’d urge anyone to call 101 if they see anything and to take photos and videos, if they have a chance.

“Let’s try and catch them.”

If you can help or have information to pass on contact Vic Flores on 07379 987181 or email