HE’S already chewed over residents’ issues in McDonald’s.

But now Colchester’s MP has come up with another tantalising way to make himself more accessible to constituents - by taking politics to the pub.

Tory Will Quince’s new initiative starts on Thursday January 31 at The Friar in St Christopher Road, Colchester, between 7.30pm to 9pm.

He said: “We thought about doing something a bit different.

“I have already had another pub get in touch and say can you come to us.

“I have got a lot of pubs to work my way through.”

Previously Mr Quince invited residents to pop into McDonald’s restaurants across Colchester for a casual chat.

He added: “This is a little bit different. McDonald’s was more about going somewhere where there were lots of people already there.

“This is about going somewhere and encouraging others to join me.”

He added he was a big fan of supporting pubs and how they are great meeting places for communities.

“It doesn’t have to be about alcohol, pubs have plenty of soft drinks and snacks too,” he said. “It’ll be very relaxed and people can come and have a chat about anything they want me to listen to.

“Local councillors from all parties are welcome too.”

Mr Quince holds regular surgeries from his office in Layer Road, where people have to make appointments to raise their concerns.