A MUM who was struck down with stroke-like symptoms which left her unable to sit up has completed her 50th Parkrun.

Jane Wignall, 50, from Mill Road, Colchester, spent three weeks in hospital last August but has fought her way back to health.

She is set to return to work at Asda this week after being too unwell for the last five months.

Jane said: “I had been poorly for a couple of weeks and was driving home from work, I was hot and I just didn’t feel very well.

“I pulled into a layby and was ill. I got myself home and thought I just had a bit of a bug.”

But Jane was unable to sit up so her family persuaded her to see a doctor who believed she had vertigo.

Then one morning Jane suffered with double vision so another doctor immediately sent her to hospital, suggesting she may have suffered a stroke, or could even have a tumour.

Fortunately Jane had not, but the condition impacted upon her vision.

She said: “I just lay there and I couldn’t read, couldn’t watch TV, I couldn’t sit up. I literally just had my thoughts.

“They don’t know what caused it but I had a fluid leak which damaged a nerve which controls the eyes.

“When I was in hospital I thought I might not walk again and thought how I never did my 50th Parkrun in my 50th year.”

Jane, who is mum to Niall and Sian, was able to return to the 5km Parkrun in Castle Park in October but had to be guided round the course.

She completed her 50th parkrun on Saturday.

Jane started doing them in 2015 after a friend suggested them to help with anxiety and depression.

She said: “Parkrun isn’t just about running. It is so good for everybody.

“There are so many inspirational people from all walks

of life that you would never connect with in any other way.”

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