A DOG walker was told the military would "blow up his car" as a potential breach of security if he parked near a beloved beauty spot again.

Lee Cuppelditch, from Colchester, had driven to Friday Woods to walk his Cocker Spaniel, Bobby.

He went to park in Ramparts Lane, but says he was approached by a member for the military who was patrolling the road at the time.

He said the man told him to move his car otherwise it would be “removed or blown up as a security threat”.

Mr Cuppelditch said he has parked there for 20 years and has never had a problem previously.

He said: “Everyone has noticed barriers and bollards go up but no-one was really in the loop about parking.

“I got the dog out the car on Friday and had just put my boots on when a white 4X4 pulled up next to me.

“A man got out, all dressed in Army gear, and asked if I could kindly move my car. I asked him for what reason?

“He said I wasn’t allowed to park there and parking hasn’t been allowed there for years. He said if I didn’t move my car someone would tow it away or blow it up as a security threat.

“I asked him if he was being serious, he said he was.”

After the discussion Lee had to move his car elsewhere. He was told the road should only be used as an access road to a house at the back of Friday Woods.

Lee added: “I have a Renault Clio, it’s just a bog standard family car, it’s nothing intimidating.”

The land is managed by the Ministry of Defence estates team.

Campaigners have demanded the Friday Woods car park in Bounstead Road be reopened. It has been shut for more than a year.

New concrete bollards have also been installed in Ramparts Lane, where many walkers were forced to park after the facility’s closure.

An MOD spokesperson said: “Ramparts Lane is a private road owned by the MOD and provides access for the military onto Friday Woods Training Area.

"Civilian car parking is not permitted on Ramparts Lane as it can not only block military units accessing the training area thus disrupting essential military training but also and more importantly the emergency services responding to any emergency which could put lives at risk.

“Public access on Friday Woods is still permitted on the recognised Public Rights of Way.

“The MOD does not have the authority to remove vehicles from this area, but if any vehicle was deemed to pose a security threat the MOD would work closely with the local police to have it removed.”