FRIENDS of a mum who died from a brain tumour are holding a fitness bootcamp to raise money for charity in her honour.

Organised by Kirstie Enefer, The Giant Charity Bootcamp takes place on Saturday January 19 at Friar’s Grove Primary School, the Colchester school where Gemma Edgar’s sons Noah and Dylan are pupils.

Through their association with the school, Mrs Enefer became close friends with Mrs Edgar, who died at St Helena Hospice last month after battling an aggressive glioblastoma brain tumour.

Mrs Enefer, 43, said: “We started the idea for the bootcamp when Gemma was still alive so it will be to honour Gemma.

“She was quite a close friend, we met through the kids going to school together. Her eldest son Dylan is in my youngest son’s class.

“We were not quite best friends but I saw a lot of her and I have never met anyone as strong as Gemma, she was astounding.”

The bootcamp will be run by a handful of different instructors and feature several 30 minute long sessions focusing on different areas of exercise.

Donations of £10 are being accepted to take part, with all of the proceeds going to Brain Tumour Research.

Mrs Enefer said: “I used to go to a bootcamp myself and the guy who ran it, Chris Allan, went to school with Gemma’s husband, Rob, so we got together to do something.

“I set up a Facebook page and we have had a lot of people sign up to say they are interested.

“Because the numbers got quite big so quickly we have brought in a number of other instructors to help.”

So far, 56 people have already paid in advance to reserve a space, with hundreds more saying they are hoping to take part.

Mrs Enefer said: “We are still going to be taking payments on the day. I am hopeful we will have at least 100 people.”

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