PROTESTERS took to the streets to show their anger at the “cynical” submission of revised proposals for Colchester’s so-called Cultural Quarter.

Members of Community Voice Colchester pitched up outside Colchester Town Hall before the latest meeting of Colchester Council’s planning committee.

Campaigners spoke with members of the public and councillors, making their concerns clear over Alumno’s latest proposals for the St Botolph’s area.

Ian Cropton, a spokesman for Community Voice Colchester, said: “Our major concern is the developers have now submitted a revised plan for the site.

“This means the 600-odd objections to the original plan are now void, and all opposing Alumno’s plans must now resubmit new objections.”

The developer’s revised proposals feature 52 fewer student rooms, a larger space between the development and the Roman Wall stretching to around seven metres and a “more varied skyline”.

An 87-bed Travelodge hotel, several retail units and public open space, dubbed John Ball Square, also form part of the scheme.

However, campaigners claim the latest set of proposals remain flawed and the changes have not address the issues which have made the plans so controversial with residents.

Mr Cropton said: “Alumno’s revised plan does not address any of the major problems which were highlighted in previous objections, and we believe that Alumno’s revisions are largely cosmetic.

“It has not provided a new detailed set of plan drawings but have instead provided artist impressions on how the site will now look.

“We believe this ploy is a cynical move at best.”

Community Voice Colchester has written a second open letter to all members of Colchester Council calling for the costs of demolition of the old bus station to be made public.

The group has also asked for details of meetings between Alumno and Colchester Council to be made available.

Tim Young, councillor responsible for business, said: “This is standard procedure when revised plans are submitted on an application.

“All the original objectors have been written to explaining the situation.”

Alumno’s plans are set to come before Colchester Council’s

planning committee early this year.

The application can be found on the council’s website by searching for 182120.