A CAMPAIGNER says she is amazed at the level of public engagement around the potential closure of libraries.

Rosalind Scott, one of the campaign leaders for Brightlingsea Library, said it was fantastic news so many people were getting involved with Essex County Council’s online consultation.

She said: “I’m absolutely delighted, the online petitions and library raids we have organised were all to make people aware of the county council’s consultation.

“It’s fantastic we have managed to alert people.

“They have been so upset by the idea of losing their libraries that they have sat down

and completed it – and it’s

not an easy thing to wade through.

“I do think Essex County Council will need to think carefully, even though they have written the consultation in a way that makes you try to agree with them, the comments will all be saying we want our libraries.”

Ms Scott will continue to support other means of feedback, including the library “raids”.

She said: “The paper and online petitions and the raids all indicate what people believe – why just have one way of saying something?”