A SCHOOL has become the first secondary school in the Colchester area to install a life-saving defibrillator.

Following a successful fundraising campaign, more than £1,600 has been raised to have the device installed at the Stanway School.

Available for emergency use at all times, the defibrillator will be housed in a cabinet, on the outside wall of the school.

Stanway School head Jonathan Bland said: “The Stanway School has always aimed to be a hub of the community and this step to be the first Colchester secondary school to provide a public access defibrillator demonstrates this perfectly.

“We are really pleased to be able to provide this service for the area surrounding the school and to make further links with the people of Stanway.”

Jeremy Hagon, ex-pupil and fundraising organiser, described the generosity of people in Stanway as “tremendous”.

He said: “As a former pupil, I’m proud to have led this campaign for the residents of Stanway, to help make Stanway a safer place for all.”

Martin Ford, Colchester Community First Responder, added: “The installation of this defibrillator is in a prime location for residents of Stanway and thanks go to Stanway School for agreeing to position this potentially lifesaving device on their premises.

“We ask everyone to #stopthink90 - where is your closest defibrillator. Our ongoing campaign across Colchester is to ensure you are never any more than 90 seconds from a defibrillator.

“For every minute that passes without defibrillation, a patient’s chance of survival decreases by ten per cent.”

This defibrillator follows the installation of another device at McDonald’s in Tollgate, with that device being supported by businesses and councillors in the area.

Maintenance of both defibrillators in Stanway will be undertaken by the Colchester Community First Responders and plans are being made for Heartstart courses to be held by the community responders at the school.