GREEN Party members have selected their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Colchester and Harwich and North Essex constituencies.

The candidates have been chosen should there be a snap General Election called between now and June 2019.

Mark Goacher will stand as Colchester's candidate, while Peter Banks has been selected to represent Harwich and North Essex.

Mr Goacher said: “I am very pleased to have been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for Colchester in the event of an early election.

"It important to be out there making the Green case on issues such as climate change, air pollution and improving our public services.

"We will also be focusing on local campaigning within Castle Ward, where I came 11 votes short of winning a Colchester Council seat last year, and stand a very good chance of winning next year.”

Mr Goacher was the Green Party candidate for Colchester in last year's snap General Election and in 2015.

He has taught History at Colchester Sixth Form College for nearly 30 years.