A MUM with multiple sclerosis is encouraging others with the condition to not let it limit them.

Sharon Everett was diagnosed with the neurological condition in 1999.

The 52-year-old has been suffering with a tingling sensation in her fingers and toes.

She spoke to her GP and was told her diagnosis after undergoing an MRI scan.

She said: “At that point it didn’t really affect me that much. I was a bit shellshocked but just carried on.

“However, as time went on the condition progressed as is the nature of the beast.

“The strength in my legs wasn’t as good as I started to use a Rollator and a scooter.”

Sharon, who lives in the St John’s area of Colchester, still feels the tingles in her hands and feet and said her heel-wearing days are over.

However, she has learnt to accept her condition and is embracing being able to still stay active.

She said: “I think the walking is the thing that affects most people with MS. I was reluctant to use a stick or a scooter as I thought I could cope but I just had to own it and accept it.

“I felt self-conscious at first but now I don’t care.

“I have two work-from-home jobs which keep me busy, and it means if one day I don’t feel like doing anything I don’t have to.

“I also have two sons who are nearly 18 and 21 so I have to keep as active as possible.”

Sharon said there is a lot of support available for people, and she joined an MS group about ten years ago.

She said: “We used to just go to the pub or go for something to eat, we wouldn’t just sit there and moan about our condition.

“It was just about being with like-minded people so you didn’t feel alone.

“I did feel quite alone when I was first diagnosed, I think it’s the not knowing what the future holds.”

Sharon is hosting a charity event with professional drag artists to raise money for MS-UK and MS Society research.

It will be on February 1 at the Jobserve Community Stadium.

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are £15 by calling 07782 240034.