Rough sleeper Martin Dines, 56, was killed in St Mary’s Car Park in Balkerne Hill, Colchester, in April.

Heidi Kennedy, 47, Darren Miller, 46, and Mark Hartley, 32, were jointly charged with his murder.

Last week, the jury at Ipswich Crown Court convicted alcoholics Miller and Hartley of Mr Dines’ murder.

And after more than 17 hours of deliberations Kennedy was convicted of manslaughter by a majority of ten to two.

Here is everything we know about how the murder unfolded.

Sunday, April 22

  • 8.19PM: Mr Dines is on CCTV begging for money outside the Royal Bank of Scotland in Head Street. The three defendants has been drinking in St Mary’s churchyard where Hartley was told Mr Dines and his friends had called him a fake Para
  • 8.28PM: Kennedy, Miller and Hartley go to the bank and Kennedy withdraws cash from the ATM. Hartley and Miller attack Mr Dines. The two hug afterwards.
  • 8.34PM: Mr Dines is with friends outside Fresh Look Barbers in Crouch Street and is approached again by the three defendants. Hartley and Miller attack him again leaving him covered in blood. Kennedy hits his friend Lisa Peck and throws food at Mr Dines. The attack is broken up by passersby
  • 8.52PM: Mr Dines returns to the bank. The three defendants go to buy more beer. 10pm: The three defendants are in Manor Road when they bump into Jacqueline McClintock, a woman Hartley has admitted to harassing
  • 11PM: Mr Dines enter St Mary’s car park, the last time he was seen alive.
  • 11.21PM: The three defendants go into the car park. They had previously entered at least once before

Monday, April 23

  • 1.45am: The group leave the car park with Miller now wearing Hartley’s jacket and cap. They head back to Hartley’s flat. Mr Dines has been left with the injuries which killed him.
  • 4.13am: Hartley and Miller are caught on CCTV burgling Tesco Express in Crouch Street, Colchester. They steal Bucks Fizz and go back to the flat.
  • 8.55am: Mr Dines is discovered by a car park attendant.
  • Noon: Hartley leaves the flat to answer bail at Colchester Police Station for his harassment and assault charges. He walks past the car park.
  • Afternoon: The three defendants leave the flat and steal alcohol from Wine Me Up in North Hill.
  • Approximately 10pm: The three are arrested together at Hartley’s flat having been together for the majority of the last 24 hours.