A MUM feels the true meaning of Christmas is being lost to consumerist advent calendars.

Dawn Harrison has always bought her nine-year-old daughter, Molly, a traditional picture advent calendar as well as a chocolate one.

Last year, she began making her own pin board advent calendars, wanting families to have something they can bring down from the attic year after year.

She wanted Molly to understand there is more to Christmas than just getting presents and feels some of the High Street offerings are getting out of hand.

Dawn, who lives in Colchester, said: “I noticed people were buying the box advent calendars they could fill themselves.

“I’m a traditional person and so I have made advent calendars with numbered bags so people can fill them with whatever they want, but it’s something they can bring down every year and get excited about.


“I grew up with picture calendars which were Christmassy. I wouldn’t say I was deeply religious but it still means something to me.

“The chocolate ones don’t really mean anything, they are just branded with logos.”

Over the years High Street stores have been launching ambitious calendars, including make-up, cheese, wine and gin calendars.

Dawn added: “If someone was to give me something like that I don’t think I would give it back, but I wouldn’t personally buy anything like that.

“Christmas is expensive as it is, this is just another way for shops to get some money before the Christmas rush.

“Everything has to evolve and it’s just unnecessary. They are trying to market them at adults to make them spend money.

“Christmas is losing its way, and its true meaning. It’s over the top and parents are feeling pressured into it.”

Last year YouTube sensation Zoella was criticised for marketing a £50 advent calendar to her young followers.

Following the backlash, Boots halved the price to £25, with Zoella claiming she had no power to influence the pricing.