DESPAIRING residents say they have hit a bump in the road in a four year campaign for action on a village estate.

Villagers have been left counting the cost after hitting broken kerb stones in Orchard Road, Alresford.

But Essex County Council said the defects do not need fixing – despite having more than 16 complaints.

Nigel Harridge, of nearby Coppice Road, had to pay out more than £300 after bursting his tyre on one of the damaged kerbs.

He said: “I came down the road and there was a car parked on the other side

“It is a narrow road and the kerb was about a foot out from the side of the road.

“There was a terrible bang and crash and I thought I had been shot.” Mr Harridge was left with a burst tyre and a damaged wheel.

He has since tried to claim back the costs from Essex County Council but has been unsuccessful.

He said:

“My concern is if a motorbike hit the kerb the council could have a fatality on their hands but they don’t seem to take any notice.”

Jeanette Downing, of Cox Road, paid out £600 through her insurance after hitting the kerb in Orchard Road. It left two tyres on her car destroyed.

She said: “We are a village which takes pride in our area and County Hall is letting us down.”

Now parish councillor Ernie Osborne has taken on the fight of residents.

He said: “Nine people have had damage to their vehicles.

“They have been told by Essex Highways they are not going to get compensation because they have caused the damage themselves.

“Every one of those people has been pensioners.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Our repair manager is aware of the recent issues with the kerbs on Orchard Road and will re-visit the site next week.

“It is likely we will be able to do some repair work to make sure the road is safe, even if it takes longer than the new year to permanently replace the loose kerbs.”