My letter is in response to the recent articles regarding libraries in the area, particularly in Tiptree where I live.

My husband and I have lived here for 49 years and in the beginning the library was housed in the jam factory hall until the present building was built.

We have been members ever since, visiting at least once a fortnight.

We have never seen the library empty, there are always plenty of people coming and going.

Besides books there is usually a large jigsaw for you to add a piece or two.

Computers are always in use and newspapers around for you to sit and read.

The staff are always very friendly and especially helpful if us “oldies” (we are 81) need a hand.

Why on earth are the council considering closing this facility down when it is so widely used?

They should be thinking ahead – we have a new estate in Grange Road nearing completion, soon to have more on jam factory land and another proposal in the pipeline in Barbrook Road.

We have already had the public toilets in the village closed, the bus services are a joke and we have no police.

Forward-thinking councillors speculate to accumulate.

There is land adjacent to the library which you could use as an add-on to the building.

Have a small café/tearoom with toilets and I’m sure it will soon pay for itself and more.

Leave our library alone.

M Thyeson