A PAIR of mistreated dogs had to have teeth removed due to severe infection and were left with maggots in their matted hair.

When Daniela Berndorfer took her two cocker spaniels, Freckles and Amber, to a grooming salon, the owner described their condition as the “worst she had seen in her 15 years of dog grooming”.

Both dogs had severely matted hair and were suffering from dental infections.

Stuart Cooper, prosecuting, said: “Freckles was described as dirty, matted and smelling of urine.

“One dog had really bad-smelling breath. She described the smell as intense and there was pus coming from one of the dog’s mouths.

“She also described a putrid urine smell.

“In relation to Amber, it had taken two hours to clip her.

“In her experience of dog grooming she said she hasn’t seen anything this bad and said they probably hadn’t been groomed in at least two years.”

The salon owner reported the case to the RSPCA and an inspector visited Berndorfer’s address.

Berndorfer owns the dogs jointly with her 77-year-old mother, Gillian.

The dogs were seized and given urgent veterinary care.

The vet said both animals would have been in “extreme pain.”

“Freckles had been recently groomed but the ears were still heavily matted and the inspector was unable to tell where the ears finished and the matt started,” said Mr Cooper.

“The inspector described a smell of infection.

“On examining Amber, the inspector noticed she had been recently groomed but her ears were also severely matted.

“The dog had a strong smell and discharge coming from the side of her mouth, she was essentially drooling over her front legs and chest.

”The dogs were taken to a vets in Colchester, where Freckles was described as suffering severe infection of the mouth.

“There were maggots in her hair and following treatment nine teeth had to be removed from her mouth.

“With Amber, there was so much discharge the inspector couldn’t see what was going on in her mouth. 19 teeth had to be removed.

“The vet concluded both dogs would have been in extreme pain.”

Due to Gillian’s age and severe health issues, she was given a caution and did not have to appear before magistrates.

Daniela Berndorfer, 48, of Gainsford Gardens, Clacton, admitted four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

She was cautioned in 2014 in relation to the welfare of the two dogs.

The court was shown recent pictures of the two neglected pets, which showed the appalling state of their hair and infected mouths.

Describing one picture, Mr Cooper pointed out the discharge which could be seen underneath the matted hair when the matting was “cracked open.”

Frank O’Toole, mitigating, said: “It would be wrong to say this isn’t a bad case of neglect of these two dogs.

“This lady is the full time carer for her mother, in a property which isn’t her house and it isn’t her mother’s house

“She has had many overtures from the landlord to get out of the property and she is actively looking for alternate accommodation.”

Berndorfer was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and banned from owning or keeping any animal until further notice.