A TOWN centre car park could be closed to protect and promote an historic town wall.

Colchester’s town wall is the earliest and one of the most complete town wall circuits surviving from Roman Britain.

The majority of the wall is a designated heritage asset of national importance, and the Town Wall Management Plan 2019-2024 provides the vision for the management of the wall.

One of the items from the previous plan which has not yet been carried out is the potential removal of the Vineyard Street car park in the town centre.

A local plan committee report, to be discussed on December 17, said: “Vineyard Street car park is the subject of ongoing discussion for removal and redevelopment and it is expected that a planning application will be developed during the period of this management plan, resulting in the removal of the car park and an opportunity for the enhancement of the setting, and promotion, of the town wall in this area.”

It means a total of 101 parking spaces will go.

However, Tim Young (Lab), the councillor responsible for business and culture, assured the spaces will not be lost if plans were to go ahead.

He said: “All these spaces will be relocated, but this is very early days and there are no definite plans to remove the car park.

“This is the sort of space that could be used for pop-up entertainment and street art.”

The suggestion was made due to risk of discrete damage from cars.

Other plans to be carried out include the creation of a wall walk near Firstsite. There will also be an opening of access to Duncan’s Gate near Castle Park.

Lighting of the town wall is a priority for 2018/20 and funding for this work was agreed by the council’s Cabinet in July.