THERE’S a lot wrong with the world.

Brexit, that enduring and seemingly irresolvable mess, starvation in Yemen, psychological torture in UAE, even the days are dark and miserable.

It is hard, therefore, to remember sometimes there is good in the world and light amongst the dark.

One reason for celebration is the go-ahead for the new cancer centre at Colchester Hospital.

Colchester Council has given permission for the buildings and all bar £250,000 has been raised meaning the project can now start.

This is a phenomenal achievement not least because the majority of the money has been donated from people and businesses in the area.

Some of the money has been raised through sponsored feats, some generously given but all has been done with kindness and goodwill.

The cancer centre will ensure people undergoing treatment can do so in good surroundings and much of the focus is on ensuring a good quality of life after cancer.

Many of those who have contributed to the appeal have done so because they have had personal knowledge of the impact of cancer.

In many cases that has now passed which makes the donation to improve the lives of others even more praiseworthy and selfless.

Cancer is an insidious disease which claims thousands of lives each year. But even this has inspired goodness as the supporters of the Cancer Centre Campaign have shown.