AN author is turning heads across the globe after is his book on anti-bullying inspired a rap artist in America.

Colchester author Dominic Morgan was surprised to hear his young adult novel, Trollrider, captured the attention of US rap artist, M.I.C.

M.I.C has pledged his support by recording a promotional rap song.

The book is Mr Morgan’s debut novel and the first of a trilogy.

It focuses on the traumatic world of Brandon Ballard, a deeply troubled, and anxiety-consumed 12-year-old boy.

When sent to stay on his grandparents’ farm, to assist while his grandfather recovers from a near fatal accident, Brandon discovers the world outside his bedroom he had fought so hard to avoid holds the secret to finally becoming unshackled from his pain.

Whilst looking for innovative ways to promote the book, Mr Morgan sent a few shout-outs over the internet and M.I.C got in touch.

Mr Morgan, 47, said the book stemmed from his own experiences with bullying at boarding school.

He said: “The increase in bullying awareness in secondary schools is highly reassuring but more must be done to empower victims with the confidence to come forward.”

“Trollrider: The Last Kriger is a story about empowerment, rising above your fears and persecution to find self-worth and hope amidst fear and isolation.

“Bullying is such a loose term that can often be dismissed as a normal part of growing up: helping children deal with the cruelties of the ‘real world’ or helping sensitive children toughen up.

“But for victims, like myself, the scars can run extremely deep and stay with you throughout adult life.”

The music video to accompany the song Trollrider: Stand Up was a family affair. Dominic’s son David, 15, and two of his friends Jamie Murphy and Harry Carey from the Gilberd School, provided the keywords for the lyrics.

They also shot the harrowing bullying footage which features in the music video.

The trio will be using the music video and short film as part of their applications for the film and media course at Colchester Institute next year.

Rapper M.I.C said: “When db reached out to me I just knew I had to get in the studio and see how I could help.

“I felt the authenticity in his voice and the amazing story world he’s created.

“We all know what it feels like to experience bullying and I wanted to transmit that message into my rhyme.

“I’m excited by the potential for our collaboration - especially the video, which we both contributed our talents to.”

As part of his royalty agreement, Mr Morgan - also known as db - has pledged 25 per cent of all personal royalties to The Sick Children’s Trust, a charity extremely close to his heart.

This is a continuation of the Morgan family’s charity fundraising, following the tragic death of their daughter, Jodi, from aplastic anemia in 2010.

Family members stayed at Acorn House on the Addenbrooke’s Hospital site allowing them to be close to Jodi prior to her death.

So far the family has raised £3,000, together with donating several top spec tablet PCs to the hospital.

Mr Morgan’s book can be pre-ordered from the in February. To download the music video and Trollrider: Stand Up track visit