HARDENED posties will not be wrapping up this year as they attempt to raise money for good causes.

While the rest of us are piling on the layers to keep warm, Great Horkesley postmen Martin Hobbs, Darren Lock and ex-Col U defender Tony English will be dressing down.

For the past ten years they have worn their shorts throughout the winter to try to raise money for a different charity.

Last year they managed to raise £248 for the Tiddlywinks Nursery in Great Horkesley.

Martin said: “I think minus eight degrees is our record so far.

“We aren’t worried as we are hardened posties. Each year brings new challenges and I’m getting older with each year as well.

“You have to be careful of the slippery paths and sometimes the driving conditions can be difficult.

“When the Beast from the East hit I had to park my van in the middle of an estate and walk most of the route as it was safer.

He said each year he becomes accustomed to the cold but it is always a shock first thing in the morning.

He added: “It’s actually been quite mild so far, last year it didn’t get cold until March.

“We do get a few comments from people, ranging from ‘You’re mad’ to ‘I’ll give you some money if you put your trousers back on’.”

This year they have decided to raise money for British Heart Foundation, in memory Martin’s brother-in-law Paul.

Paul Boast, who had Downs Syndrome, sadly died in April when he was 49.

He was taken into hospital with breathing difficulties but his heart gave out in hospital.

Martin, who has been a postman for 12 years, added: “Paul always thought I was mad. He did actually come out with me one year.

“He was a hardened lad and I’m sure he would have put his shorts on and joined us this time.”

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/Postie-shorts-challenge.