RESIDENTS are calling for a ban on lorries entering their road as they claim they are waking children and shaking houses.

Heavy lorries are a persistent nuisance in Causton Road, Colchester, and residents have attempted to curb their movements.

The vehicles, including Tesco lorries which supply the One Stop shop in North Station Road, tend to come by in the early hours of the morning.

Residents have claimed their houses vibrate as the lorries pass.

One resident said: “The North Station Road end of Causton Road has become a nightmare since delivery drivers discovered they can get into the Riverside office complex to unload.

“The lorries often arrive at 6am and unload soon after. This can continue for hours with lorries queueing waiting their turn.

“Approaches have been made to council officials, the general response is nothing can be done.”

County councillor and Colchester councillor for Labour, Lee Scordis, started a petition to get a No HGV sign or width restrictions put in place.

However, he said Essex Highways felt the petition would make no difference as lorries could still access the car park.

He said: “It’s a daily occurrence, it’s a narrow Victorian road which cannot take it.

“Several times it has blocked up traffic when lorries get stuck, there hasn’t been any accidents yet but it can easily happen.”

It is believed the car park is managed by Savills.