A MUCH-LOVED youngster took a fatal overdose after suffering depression, a court heard.

Jamie-Levi Bennett-Frost, 20, of Birch, was found by his father in their bedroom on March 18.

Paramedics rushed to the scene but Jamie was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Chelmsford Coroner’s Court heard Jamie, as he preferred to be known, had been found unresponsive.

Jamie had left a note and a post mortem examination found he had died by toxicity of morphine.

Inspector Julia Finch, of Essex Police, was called to the scene.

She said: “There was a lengthy note which explained about the morphine.

“There was also writing on the wall of the bedroom which also showed Jamie was feeling quite down at the time.

“From my investigation there were no suspicious circumstances.”

The coroner’s court heard Jamie had changed his name a year before from Katie Stubbings.

Jamie’s step-sister and grandparents were all present at the inquest in Chelmsford.

In the months preceding Jamie’s death, Jamie had set up a fundraising page online asking for donations.

On it, Jamie said he was struggling with depression and had lost her jobseeker’s allowance and needed money to help with living costs and transitioning into a man.

Coroner Caroline Beasley Murray said: “This was a sudden, unexpected death.

“I have to be satisfied there is sufficient evidence.

“Jamie appears to have been depressed, the content of the note quite clearly stated what [she] was going through and [she] took those tablets.

“I have to be satisfied [she] took this action knowing it would result in her own death and I am.

“It’s very, very sad. I can see [she] was much loved and I would like to express condolences.

“[She] clearly had a bright future in front of [her] and I hope you will be able to look back on the happy memories you have.”

n If you are struggling with depression you can contact the Samaritans by calling 116 123.