PLANS to ban cars and buses from Colchester High Street are back on the table.

Historically, the proposals have proved to be divisive, with stumbling blocks such as disabled access and shop delivery problems.

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But the idea is back on the table and council bosses say it's a go-er as long as there is enough public support for it.

The Cabinet is due to discuss the papers on Wednesday.

A fund of £117,000 has been made available for a consultation on the issue.

The report also adds the idea is being looked at by the newly-established Business Improvement District panel.

David King (Lib Dem), Colchester councillor responsible for resources, said: “This money has been set aside with a potential view to hold a consultation.

“It would be a long term project. We have noted the public’s interest in it and we hope to support the panel.

“The thing we need to do is get Essex County Council to support it as they own the highways.”