A WOMAN said she was attacked by 150 school pupils after stepping in to stop a youngster being beaten up.

The victim – who was with a friend near Philip Morant School in Colchester on Tuesday – noticed a boy being approached by a large group of pupils before stepping in herself and getting hit and water thrown at her while others filmed.

She said: “Me and my friend got involved and managed to get two boys off of him.

“They then started threatening me and calling me names and we then started to walk off.

“One of the people approached us and then somebody shouted ‘fight, fight, fight’ and then 150 kids started punching us – they were animals.

“There was one who was ramming his bike between my legs and my friend had her phone knocked out of her hand.

“None of the students stopped to help – two teachers came out but they just moved the kids away.

“We were soaking wet, they were throwing water bottles, cans of drink and spraying deodorant at us.”

Nobody was badly hurt in the incident. The police were called but did not attend.

School principal Scott Holder said the school was aware of the incident and taking the allegations seriously.

He said: “The school is taking steps to establish all the facts and resolve the matter as swiftly as possible."