A BUS driver was hounded by shoppers after he almost drove past them at a bus stop.

Video footage shows a First bus driver passing through Head Street in Colchester on Wednesday.

The video shows a man standing in front of a bus headed for West Mersea, he is shouting at the driver for attempting to drive past a group of shoppers who had been waiting.

The man is heard saying: “You have driven past a bus stop where there is 20 people waiting for the bus.

“You were reading, you weren’t even watching the road.

“Do not go without these people.”

UPDATED: Bus company takes police action after driver is hounded by shoppers

At this point a traffic warden notices the man and tries to calm him down.

Another man is heard telling the shoppers to “get on” the bus, to which the driver responds, telling them they cannot board.

One man with a crutch manages to get on the bus, but the driver shuts the doors before anyone else can get on.

The man with the crutch then grows irate and bangs his crutch against the bus driver’s cab window.

The 67 bus to West Mersea is supposed to stop at Head Street until 6.43pm.

It is not know what time the video was filmed, but it is still daylight.

Head Street was one of the roads affected by recent changes to bus stops, made by Essex County Council.

The number of buses using individual stops has grown due to increased frequency and new routes, and the county council feels it is reducing the attractiveness, reliability and economic viability of the service.

As a result, all stops within Osborne Street, Stanwell Street, St John’s Street, Head Street, High Street and Queen Street were reviewed.

Instead of putting bus service numbers on the bus stop flags, a so-called common route corridor has been added to help passengers identify where the buses will be going.

Both drivers and shoppers have been trying to get their heads around the changes since October 21.

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First has been approached for a comment.