THOUSANDS of people gathered in Colchester’s Castle Park last night as fireworks took over the night sky.

King Coel’s Kittens held their annual display on Bonfire Night, with crowds gathering despite it being a Monday night to catch a glimpse of the well-loved display.

Michael J Fitch hosted the event and kept children and families entertained throughout the evening and while waiting for the display to kick off.

Jackie Bowis, organiser, said it was one of their best events.

She said: “We were expecting around 7,000 people, which is amazing.

“We sometimes get more but we always hold it on November 5 as it is a traditional display and it’s history and is important.

“So, this year it was held on a Monday.

“We cover our costs and then any money left over goes into a pot and then people can apply for funding for particular items.

“It was a great night.”

The event was started with the tradition of the guy paraded through the park before being put on the bonfire, with the flames being lit shortly after.

King Coel’s Kittens members Judy and Bernie Alden this year made the guy.

The fireworks, which are set to music, were set off from 7.30pm.

It was the 48th annual fireworks extravaganza put on in the park.