With the opening of a state of the art new block, an exciting new chapter is underway at the Stanway School.

After three years in the making, the Stanway School has undergone a major transformation following the opening of the new "A" block.

This outstanding building provides a new home for the "arts" and a creative space for students.

This includes: three new, spacious art rooms; a kiln for clay modelling; stylish music rooms with acoustic panels; six separate practice rooms and spacious changing areas with a corridor to the sports hall.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, classrooms are full of natural light to create a calming learning environment and save energy.

Having seen the school transform over the last year, we put our headteacher, Mr Bland, in the hot seat to ask him some questions about the changes that the school has undergone.

Q. What is your favourite room in the new block?

A. It has to be my new office which looks out across the school; it helps me connect with the students and oversee everything that happens. I also love the new art rooms; my favourite has floor-to-ceiling windows which let in natural light. It is such a bright, inspiring and creative space which I hope students and staff will love.

Q. How long did it take to build the new A Block?

A. We began planning in 2016 with the builders starting their work in October 2016 - this stage was very quick. It took nearly 3 years to build though, including interior design. It has been incredible to see the school transform before our eyes in such a short space of time.

Q. How has the school developed over time?

A. Since it was founded in 1956, our school has changed beyond recognition. The number of students has grown and we have expanded to meet modern demands. Through interactive whiteboards and computer suites, we have kept up with technology; the uniform has been updated and so has the school logo but our core values have not changed. The priority has always been to create a happy and safe place to learn.

Q. Are you planning to add a D Block in the foreseeable future?

A. As our school expands, our facilities have to expand and develop too. Although we’re not looking at creating another block, I have had some other ideas about improving existing sections of the school such as the hall or gym. For instance, I might consider modifying the canteen in order to decrease queueing at lunchtime and also to serve a larger variety of food.

Q. Why did you decide to knock down the old Gainsborough Block?

A. We wanted the same high quality facilities in every building and we felt that the Gainsborough block deserved an update. The floors in the old block were in need of attention, as was the learning equipment. Now, however, the architecture is modern, the building is fit for purpose and the equipment has been updated to the high education standards we want to provide for students at Stanway. We have also improved the technology in the new block, with our vibrant smartboards and wireless network.

In addition to new classrooms, we’ve also gained The Bridge. This is a particularly caring and calm area of the school which supports students and helps them to access the curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that all students feel positive and have a rewarding learning experience.

My wish is for the students to feel a sense of pride when they walk through our school and I certainly think that everyone who has contributed to this project has made my wish come true.

Q. Why did you change The Stanway School’s logo?

A. We felt as though we needed one clear and consistent logo which represents our school and that feeling of community within the bright blue gates. The new Stanway emblem almost looks like a symbol you would find on a trophy; it shows how proud we are of each other and how we all celebrate one another’s successes.