A PRISONER serving a three year sentence for hitting a pedestrian with his car admitted to dozens of further crimes in a bid to “wipe the slate clean”.

In July last year, Scott Warner rammed his Ford EcoSport into a 34-year-old man in Clacton.

Leaving his victim with a fractured kneecap, Warner also stole £40 in cash.

Later admitting robbery and grievous bodily harm, the thug was jailed for three years.

Before his arrest, and less than a month after the offence, Warner failed to stop for police when he was spotted driving a BMW with stolen number plates.

A chase ensued, with Warner travelling at high speed, executing sharp turns and overtaking.

When he was cornered in Kilburn Gardens, Clacton, he reversed into a pensioner’s parked car, causing extensive damage.

Richard Potts, prosecuting at Chelmsford Crown Court, said: “Following the collision, the BMW was face-to-face with an unmarked police car.

“The defendant drove at speed into the front of the police vehicle, pushing it out of the way and disabling it, before making good his escape.”

Warner, 30, who has 23 convictions for 60 offences, dumped the car before fleeing on foot.

Number plates stolen from Brunel Business Centre, in Clacton, were found in the abandoned BMW. Warner’s DNA was recovered from the steering wheel.

During a police interview, Warner voluntarily admitted to a further 30 offences, including making off without payment from petrol stations, theft from a shop and theft from a motor vehicle.

All of these offences took place between June and October last year, with Warner targeting petrol stations in Clacton and Ardleigh. He stole a lawnmower from B&Q and a garden ornament from outside a home.

Warner, of no fixed address, also admitted aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving and theft following the police chase.

Karl Voltz, mitigating, said Warner had committed the crimes during a period of drug and alcohol addiction.

He said; “In the case of the admissions he made in interview, he wants a clean slate.

“He made a voluntary admission in interview to officers, saying ‘I want to admit a number of these offences because I was in a bad place, thieving to live, I was hooked on drugs as well.’

“Since then he has been remanded in custody.

“Since he has been in custody he has done all that could possibly be asked of him.

“He has voluntarily attended a number of courses., completing thinking skills and victim awareness courses. He has a daughter and son and he wants to try to turn over a new leaf.”

Branding Warner’s record “appalling”, Recorder Noel Casey jailed Warner for a further 20 months. A four year driving disqualification was extended by a further 12 months.